8 Ball

8 Ball in GTA 3

(8 Ball): Born 1961 in Liberty City and is a Minor character in GTA 3.


8 Ball met Claude during the escape and asked him to drive to a hidden location in the Red Light District, it was then they went to Luigi Goterelli's place, it was then Claude didn't see 8 Ball until later in the game.

Events After GTA 3Edit

(Possible Death)

  • 8 Ball could of been a victim of one of his bomb attacks. (accidentally of course).

(Possible Arrest):

  • 8 Ball owned a bomb shop in Harwood and it is quite possible 8 Ball either used it to his advantage against the police or the police found the actual premises, shut it down and arrested 8 Ball.


  • 8 Ball's logo can be found at the back of GTA 4 character Playboy's jumper which is strange due to the fact that GTA 3 protagonist Claude's clothing can be found in Playboy's cabinet and can be worn.