Catalina in GTA 3.

(Catalina): Born 1972 San Andreas. Died 2001 Liberty City.Main Antagonist GTA 3, minor character in GTA San Andreas.


Due to the fact Catalina was the main antagonist to Claude, Claude was sure to get his revenge sooner or later, which he did by allegedly killing her in a helicopter crash. She also resided in San Andreas having an on going relationship with GTA San Andreas protagonist Carl Johnson. (CJ). This ended in the mission, "Farewell My Love". When Catalina dumped Cal to date Claude which later ended in betrayal.

The Events After GTA 3 ?Edit

(Possible Death): It would be hard to survive a rocket launcher to a helicopter a large distance of the ground, then plummeting into Cochrane Dam.

(Possible Survival): Catalina didn't leave Claude completely oblivious to the fact he'd want revenge, she was prepared and it is likely she could of jumped out the helicopter before it exploded.

(Revenge): If she did survive it is likely she would want revenge, so she probably hunted down Claude and killed him with the remaining Colombian Cartel or on her own.

(Possible Rebuild Of The Colombian Cartel): If Catalina is still alive no doubt she would of either rebuilt the remaining Cartel or she rebuilt a completely new one probably to take her revenge on Claude if she hadn't already.

(Migration): Se could of just decided to flee Liberty city after her near death experience but this is unlikely due to her fisty character and her craving for revenge.

(Major Injuries): If she did survive, jumped out the helicopter and landed in Cochrane Dam she probably suffered various injuries such as a broken leg or arm or the chance of being paralysed.

(Catalina and CJ): Possibly she took her revenge then either took the remaining Cartel if any and traveled back to San Andreas to start fresh and to probably get back with CJ.