Cesar in GTA San Andreas.

(Cesar Vialpando): Born Unknown in San Andreas. Main character in GTA San Andreas.


Cesar is a great friend of CJ and his sister Kendl's boyfriend, Cesar helped him through the vents of GTA San Andreas from the middle of the game and also pointed out Ryder and Big Smoke's scheme and when all was done he joined the party with CJ and Sweet.

Events After GTA San AndreasEdit

(Death Via):

  • (Claude): When and if Cesar was aware that his cousin Catalina was killed by Claude there is no doubt that Cesar went to confront Claude to kill him but considering Claude is a mass murderer it is likely this back fired on Cesar.
  • (LSPD): Due to the fact Cesar was responsible for one of the LSPD's members it is likely due to their relentless profile that they wanted revenge and probably got it due to the increase in numbers.
  • (Carl Johnson/CJ): It is possible that Cesar knew Catalina died but didn't know Claude was responsible, in that case possibly accusing CJ for her death and obviously CJ would deny this, so Cesar and CJ would fight and Cesar may of came out short.

(Migration): It's a small chance due to Kendl being part of the hood but it is possible Cesar and Kendl moved away from San Andreas to live somewhere more peaceful.


  • Considering the GTA Series is full of lifes worst turn outs, Cesar's and Kendl's relationship lasted very long with no arguements.