Donald Love

Donald Love in GTA 3.

(Donald Love): Born in the United States, Minor character in GTA 3 and GTA Liberty City Stories.


Donald Love is former president of Liberty City and was a cannibal from 1998 - Donald disappeared after 2001 and his location is unknown.

Events After GTA 3 ?Edit

(Possible Death):

  • (LCPD): If the authorities did catch up with donald they would of killed him for everyones safety or gave him a life sentence.
  • (Cannibal Victim): It's possible that Donald try to kill someone for dinner and it failed due to the fact that the victim either stabbed or shot Donald in self defence.
  • (Yakuza): The Yakuza may have killed Donald Love for reliatation for arranging the killing of Kenji Kasen and causing a big trouble between the Cartel, Yakuza and Claude which led to both Asuka Kasen and Miguel getting killed.

(Migration): It's likely that he fled the country due to how notorious he was with the authorities.


  • I have found a building in GTA 4 that has a lot of blood which could state that this is where Donald Love killed and ate his victims.