Elizabetta Torres

Elizabeta Torres in GTA 4.

(Elizabeta Torres): Born 1977, Puerto Rico. Main Character in GTA 4.


Elizabeta Torres was majorly hooked on drugs which got her in a lot of trouble with the police and actually lead her to killing Manny Escuela. Elizabeta Torres was eventually arrested and sentenced to life in prison.

Events Leading Up To GTA 4Edit

(Member of the Colombian Cartel): Although it states she is Puerto Rican I believe she is Colombian due to her accent which means she could have links to Catalina and due to the fact she resides in Liberty City she was probably a member of the Colombian Cartel and the unknown boss after Cisco died or the boss in 1998 - 2000.

(Murder of Claude): Maybe as one of the remaining members of the Colombian Cartel and due to the fact she knew Claude shot down Catalina and allegedly killed her, there is no doubt in my mind that Elizabeta would take revenge on Claude for killing her friend.

(Rebuild of the Colombian Cartel): In honour of her friend Catalina, Elizabeta probably decided to keep the business going with Mallorie Bardas.