Jimmy Pegorino

Jimmy Pegorino in GTA 4.

(Jimmy Pegorino): Born 1957, Liberty City. Main Character/Antagonist in GTA 4.


Jimmy Pegorino is obviously a member of he Pegorino family and him and the family have been ruling Liberty City for years, Niko met Jimmy after a friend introduced Niko to Jimmy it was then Jimmy became a antagonist as Jimmy betrayed Niko leading to his death in 2008.

Events Leading Up To GTA 4Edit

(Enemy to the Leones): The Pegorino's ruled Liberty City for a long period of time like the Leones which means they could have a rivalry. This could of lead to the remaining Leones being killed or cleared out of Liberty City for good.

(Affliation to the Yakuza's): Asuka Kasen ordered Claude to kill Salvatore Leone maybe not because of Asuka and Salvatore's rivalry but because there affliations the Pegorino's didn't like Salvatore either and kne if they killed him the Leones would become weak and easy to target.

(Affliation to Claude): Once Salvatore Leone was murdered the remaining Leones would of become an enemy to claude leaving Claude only an affliation to the Pegorino's and claude probably even became a member to their family, despite not being family.

(Affliation to Playboy X): Claude's clothing can be found in Playboy's closet which could mean Playboy X killed Claude. If Claude was an affliation to the Pegorino's there must of been a point which Claude betrayed the Pegorino's leading the Pegorino's to take there revenge, this is where Playboy comes in maybe not as a member from the start but the Pegorino's could of hired him from the street, leading to Playboy killing Claude and Jimmy giving Playboy a large sum of money to go towards the mansion and his clothing.