Joey Leone

Joey Leone in GTA 3.

(Joey Leone): Born 1968, Liberty City. Minor character in GTA 3 and mentioned in GTA San Andreas and Liberty City Stories


Joey Leones was introduced to Claude in GTA 3 when Claude dropped of Misty from Luigi's Sex Club for Joey's daily pleasure, he eventually became a good friend to Claude until Asuka Kasen payed Claude to murder the don of the Leones, Salvatore Leone practically ending the friendship.

Events After GTA 3Edit

(Don of the Leones): When Salvatore Leone was murdered it was up to the Leones to find a new don and although it is unlikely due to Joey's occupation it is likely that Joey took over that job as don.

(Migration): Whether it was with the remaining Leones or not it wa likely due to Joey's occupation that he tavelled away from Liberty City, not just because of his business but maybe due to the fact he felt in danger following Salvatore Leones death.