Ken Rosenberg

Ken Rosenberg in GTA San Andreas.

(Ken Rosenberg): Born 1953 in Vice City. Main character in GTA Vice City. Minor character in GTA San Andreas.


Ken Rosenberg had a mutual friendship with Tommy Vercetti and supported him through GTA Vice City until the end. It was then in GTA San Andreas that we learn't that Ken attended a therapy session for his drug addiction we also saw Ken trying to contact Tommy but not getting much luck. Then later in the game Ken gets introduced to CJ and helped him through GTA San Andreas until the end.

Events After GTA San AndreasEdit

(Death Via):

  • (Colombian Cartel): In GTA Vice City in my opinion the Colombian Cartel were involved with the ambush against Victor Vance at the start of the game. When the Cartel were aware that Ken escaped the ambush they began to worry so tracked down Ken to San Andreas, it was then they killed him and that also explains why Catalina was in San Andreas.
  • (Tommy Vercetti): Perhaps eventually Ken got in contact with Tommy after 1992 but his drug addiction began to deteriorate again to the point Tommy just put him out of his misery, requested or not.
  • (Common Enemies): Tommy killed many people during the events of GTA Vice City and Tommy didn't just stop there, he killed many more people but with Ken being an associate of Tommy there is no doubt that any associate s of the people Tommy killed would not only target Tommy but Ken. (This would only be an issue if Ken travelled back to Vice City which seems unlikely.

(Possible Arrest): If the LSPD were aware of his possible drug addiction deteriorating then they would probably pursue to arrest him.

  • It was rumoured that Ken was convicted of watching/downloading child pornography but thi has not been confirmed.


  • Ken Rosenberg is the only person to team up with 2 protagonists.
  • On radio Ram Jam FM(GTA 4):The radio presenter says happy 57th birthday to Ken which could mean that Ken and Tommy came to Liberty City to relieve the heat from San Andreas and then Tommy died hence the graffiti, " Tommy remember your my hero".