Kendl in GTA San Andreas.

(Kendl Johnson): Born Unknown in San Andreas. Main Character in GTA San Andreas.


Kendl is the sister of the main protagonist of GTA San Andreas CJ, despite this she appears very rarely during the game, she is also in a relationship with Cesar Vialpando.

Events After GTA San AndreasEdit

(Death Via):

  • (LSPD): She may not of been part of the murders commited by her loved ones but she was a family memeber and may of been accused of having a minor involvement so was killed as a victim of revenge.
  • (Common Enemies): CJ had a lot of enemies and some may of decided to get personal by targeting those near and dear to him.
  • (Claude): If Cesar knew that Claude was the one who killed his cousin Catalina, there is no doubt that Cesar went to confront Claude, probably with Kendl although it is unlikely Kendl would come with Cesar voluntarily and was probably trying to prevent him from doing anything stupid, when Cesar confronted claude there was a gun shot and that may of been Claude shooting Kendl to get personal.

(Migration): Kendl unlikely as it is due to the fact she is part of the hood may of migrated to a more peaceful country.


  • Although Kendl is the sister of the protagonist she is considered a minor character due to the fact she appears very rarely.