Playboy X

Playboy X in GTA 4.

(Playboy X/Trey Stewart): Born 1983, Liberty City. Main Character in GTA 4.


Playboy X is friends with Dwayne Forge, Niko is also friends with them and at some point in the game Niko has to decide which one of them to kill.

Events Leading Up To GTA 4Edit

(Working Relationship with 8 Ball): 8 Ball's logo can be found on the back of Playboy's jumper which is starange due to the fact Claude's clothing can be found in Playboy's closet and can be worn.

(Murder of Claude): A gunshot can be heard at the end of GTA 3 and I believe that Playboy was responsible for that due to the facts I have stated in the previous paragraph.


  • Why would 8 Ball want Claude dead if they are friends? (Will be investigated).