(Tommy Vercetti): Born 1951 in Liberty City, Main protagonist of GTA Vice City and mentioned in GTA San Andreas.


Tommy Vercetti was the main protagonist in GTA Vice City and his intention was to get his money back for Sonny Forelli who was threatening him to do so, Tommy failed to do this and instead ended up killing Sonny Forelli. It was then Tommy and Ken Rosenberg took over Vice City and became the richest people in Vice City.

Events After GTA San AndreasEdit

(Possible Death): Tommy Vercetti would be 62 this year so it is possible he either died due to his age or was killed by one of his many enemies.

(Possible Retirement): Due to his age surely at some point he would of wanted to settle down somewhere quiet and probably get off the radar of his enemies.

(Possible Arrest): In GTA San Andreas in the mission, "555 We Tip". It has been alleged that Tommy Vercetti can be seen being chased by the police although when i did the mission I saw nothing like that but I saw a video on Youtube which clearly showed Tommy Vercetti being chased, (Could be a MOD).

(Possible outcomes to this chase):

  • (Escape): It is most likely he escaped, why well I do not need to explain.
  • (Caught): He could of crashed and the police caught up with him and arrested him.
  • (Death): The police either killed him due to the seriousness of the chase or Tommy crashed and the impact was so great he died.


  • Tommy Vercetti and Ken Rosenberg were good friends at the end of GTA Vice City so why did Tommy ignore Ken after his therapy session was over in San Andreas.
  • Tommy Vercetti owns a gun store in GTA San Andreas.
    Tommy Vercetti

    Tommy Vercetti in GTA Vice City