Victor Vance

Victor Vance in GTA Vice City Stories

(Victor Vance): Born in 1956 Florida and was the main protagonist of GTA Vice City Stories, minor character in GTA Vice City Stories.


I'm sure most of you already know that Victor Vance is dead as it was confirmed by Rockstar after the events of GTA Vice City that Victor Vance was the person who was killed in the heist in the first mission of GTA Vice City, the reason for Rockstar confirming this is because there was confusion on whether or not it was Victor's brother and obviously those claims were proven incorrect. Victor was also the main protagonist of GTA Vice City.

Events After GTA Vice City StoriesEdit

  • (Colombian Cartel's Involvement): The Colombian Cartel specialise in selling and shipping drugs, what they are most popular for is SPANK. Due to the fact that Victor Vance was selling the drugs to Tommy Vercetti, Ken Rosenberg and so on, it was possible that the Colombian Cartel were the ones who actually sold the drugs to Victor Vance and it is also possible that Victor Vance was an affliation to the Cartel and couldn't afford the drugs but assured the cartel that he would pay them back after the drugs were bought, although this seemed like a reasonable offer the Cartel did not trust Victor due to to Victor's major notority and also just being a person you just couldn't trust so just as he was about to handover the drugs the Cartel shot down Victor and the people who were recieving the drugs expecting them to die as well so they could get there money back with interest but due to the fact Ken and Tommy ran away there mission failed, only killing Victor.


  • This statement gives the impression tthat the Colombian Cartel travel due to the fact we famously remember them from GTA 3, (Liberty City).
  • Maybe Victor Vance was falsely targeted and the colombian Cartel were actually trying to target his brother Pete Vance.